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The famous Earl’s Cellar

   The famous Earl’s Cellar in Europe Cellar in Europe found by Monte-Cristo the Earl and his cruise used to be ancient people’s wine cellar buried under lava. After the finding of the cellar, Monte-Cristo the Earl rebuilt it from the remains and made it busy again with the best kinds of wine praised by the nobility.

Dated back from the Earl’s Cellar, our Comte la Cave with its own style and striking features will be a perfect place for those who enjoy tasting wines.
Our Comte la Cave with more than 60 kinds the best wines all over the world will surely satisfy every taste of yours annd absolutely wake all your senses up.
Come to Comte la Cave, you will enjoy different kinds of wine while listening to guitar or piano and chatting with friends in a cozy, artful and romantic atmosphere. Bisides excellent wines, we also offer European dishes so as to make this cellar an ideal meeting place for connoisseurs of fine food and drink.
Come to Comte la Cave, you can escape from worries and nuisance, enjoy wine and be your real self !